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Sample Weed Pictures from 1,200 Weeds of North America

The most comprehensive weed identification reference available for the United States and Canada!



View the Author,  Dr. Richard Old, a renowned Weed Expert, explain the value of this Interactive Identification system on video clips with the Online Tutorial.

When you view the Online Tutorial Introduction, you will see Dr. Old explain how the XID Interactive Weed Identification system is much easier to use to find your unknown species among all those listed than the botanical dichotomous key method offered by most other books and references.  The traditional method usually requires that you have a complete and mature plant sample with flowers, fruit and roots.  This is not necessary with the XID Interactive Identification system.

If you don't wish to bring your samples home, you can load your CD-ROM into your laptop and take it into the fields to make a positive weed ID right on the spot!








More high quality photos and information only a mouse-click away!

  • An easy to use Interactive Weed Identification key

  • Highest Quality Color photos of each of the 1,200 species

  • Convenient Weed ID Finder Tools

  • An illustrated glossary of botanical terminology

  • A searchable state/province level geography menu to reduce the database to those species found in your area. 

  • Distribution maps for each species

  • Up-to-date nomenclature and synonymy

  • All of this for less than a nickel per species!!!

  • Page number references to over 40 of the most commonly used weed reference books 

  • See a State-by-State breakdown of Weed ID lists by XID and other sources in the EWIRM Matrix

1,200 Weeds of North America

If you have viewed the Online Tutorial, you have seen a number of views of the actual screens that allow you to select and identify your unknown species.  Here you can see some still screen samples of the XID Interactive Identification program by clicking Identification Screen 1 and Identification Screen 2.  This view of the Illustrated Glossary, shows you how you can quickly learn the terms used to describe plant features.  The many high quality illustrations and maps for each species are some of the best educational features of this unique product. 

System Requirements: Windows 95 or higher, 700 megabytes to install (will also run from the CD). Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher must be installed on your PC (free download) but it does not have to be your browser and an internet connection is not required.

Order Your DVD Today!

Book or DVD?

The convenience and power of this system can only come with specially designed software and highest quality digital images.  However, many gardeners may feel more comfortable using competing paper publications, even though there may be less species and more time required to identify your unknown weeds.  Choosing between a competing book or DVD software product like this one may take a little thought: 

If your answer to these questions is YES, chances are you will be better off with the DVD offering of 1,200 Weeds of North America.  If you're viewing this page from your home computer, you can probably load the DVD with no difficulty, provided it meets the System Requirements listed above.  If you don't have a computer at home, maybe this will be a good, practical reason to buy one? 

If only one or two unknown weeds bother you, the problem may be solved by asking a neighbor or local nursery for weed identification help.  But, if you have more weed species, or you're just curious about the many weeds you see in your neighborhood, you may need a reference with many weeds.  We have researched and provided many weeds lists for each state and province in North America for your convenience in the EWIRM database.  If your problem weeds could not be identified on these lists, you need a reference that includes more species.  You can also read or check out most of the books we have listed at your local library.  Most of the printed books are beautifully illustrated and nice to have around the house.  The lists for most states and larger regions are based primarily on officially designated noxious weeds.  There are many bothersome weeds in every region that are not officially designated as noxious weeds.  This is why a larger list is more useful, as long as the identification system is easy to work with.

The question of time is more important to some people than others.  If your time is valuable, your choice would favor the efficiency of the unique identification software provided by XID on this DVD.  If you find weed identification a joyful adventure, regardless of time, as many gardeners do, you will most likely enjoy the printed images of books as well as the greater number of images and information about each species in the digital and DVD format.

You may have already purchased or read some books on weed identification.  If your unknown weeds were not included, or could not be picked out from these books, chances are you need a more comprehensive reference, like this DVD.

The illustrated glossary in the DVD makes the task of learning the terminology of describing plants much easier to undertake.  Many printed references also include illustrated glossaries.  Since the DVD software allows you to quickly look up unknown terms with a mouse click, chances are the learning curve will advance more quickly with the DVD.  The EWIRM database also includes helpful information about many books and other DVD's, including the number of weeds identified by each reference in each state or province in the US and Canada

How Many Weed Species are Included for Your State or Canadian Province?

To find out how many weed species are identified on the 1,200 North American Weeds DVD for your state or province, visit the EWIRM database and select your state or province.  For each region you will see a list of several Weed ID lists including the 1,200 North American Weeds DVD. The number of weed species for your region will be enumerated for each list, as well as other information such as price (if any),  selection, author, image quality and medium.  This will allow you to compare what you need to know about each list for your region.  EWIRM includes many online weed ID lists that are free and offer immediate views of many weed pictures.  You may be able to identify some of the weeds that concern you without any purchase on the EWIRM database.  You may also find other media or books, including some that are free,  that help to unlock the puzzle of weeds for your region.

1,200 North American Weeds or Other DVD?

There are several competing CD's and DVD products currently on the market for the weed identification market.  Whether it's just a hobby, career job or academic pursuit, you need a reference that helps you learn about various weeds reliably and efficiently.  Currently, the DVD by XID 1,200 Weeds of North America offers the identification of a greater number of weeds than any other CD, DVD or printed book.  The quality and quantity of images, illustrations, glossary, maps and references also make it competitive, if not superior to any other reference.

Purchase Information

See the EWIRM database for the number of weeds identified in your state or province in this DVD and by competing products.  If you need more information to make a purchase, you may contact Ergonica to request a list of Weed Names from the DVD 1,200 Weeds of North America in your state or province.  The price for this product at Ergonica is a GREAT PRICE for the quality and quantity of data on this DVD.   For purchasing large quantities of this product, contact Ergonica at products1[AT] for volume pricing options.

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