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The NEW 60-Inch
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Bigger, Longer, Stronger!  Uniquely effective even from a Wheelchair!)

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Ergonica presents the
Key to a Greener America!

Let your Drill do the Twisting with the new TurboTorx 42 Weed Twister - Fast and Easy! Don't just Whack them, Extract them!

Buy one for yourself and one for Mom.   See Weed Twister Videos.


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Patent No. 5,441,118

More than a weeding tool...
the Ergonica WEED TWISTER is a
Weed Defense Weapon

A Smarter, Safer Way to Control Weeds!

Using the WEED TWISTER is easy as 1-2-3...

1. Point the coil towards the center of the root.  For low profile weeds, such as dandelions, place coil directly atop plant.  Approach larger or more distant weeds at an angle and wrap coils around main stem just above the soil.  The 36"-48" tool length allows you to reach weeds 3 feet or more away from your path, depending on your height. 2. Twist the coils into the soil applying pressure as needed.  Moisten soil if dry before applying tool.  You can easily penetrate soil as deep as 6"-12" or more just by twisting.  The 2" diameter coil makes a hole hardly noticeable in most lawns.  No twisting needed when used as a circle hoe for small seedling weeds. 3. Lift the WEED TWISTER™ when you see the plant doing the "Twist" dance with the tool!  Just tap the spring steel coils against any hard object or the ground to quickly remove the plug of dirt that may accompany the roots.  Little or no pickup of debris is necessary.  Light weight makes it easy to use and carry around.


  • WEED with it:  Twist it into roots of larger weeds or hoe smaller weed seedlings like using a Circle Hoe.  The versatile WEED TWISTER can defend your garden against the smallest of weeds in narrow spaces as well as crabgrass, bermudagrass, purslane and much larger weeds with roots from 6" to 12" deep, such as Tree of Heaven (ailanthus altissima) .  Reach under brush as far as 3 feet or more away from your path without having to use your foot to push the tool as required by some other tools and twisters. See the Quick Tips page for detailed instructions.  The new INDUSTRIAL WEED TWISTER is also quickly becoming the Farmer's Best Friend.
  • WORK with it:  Dig holes for planting.  Pick up debris, papers, leaves by puncturing or hooking the coils around the articles.  Make narrow furrows for planting or cultivation by dragging coils across the soil.  Use it to support your weight with one hand while you bend down to reach an object or control another tool with your other hand. Even with one hand from a wheel chair, you can dig small holes, remove debris, and take out weeds with this handy tool.  With a little practice, you can become a Master Weed Twister.  Need help hanging holiday lights?
  • WALK with it:  Don't enter your garden without it!  Keep it handy, by your back door or garden entrance.  Its 36-48 inch length and light weight of less than two pounds make the WEED TWISTER a comfortable walking stick and companion every time you walk into your garden, or any hiking path, even it you don't expect to see any weeds.  And if a weed happens to show up, your trusty weed defense tool is right in your hand and ready to go to work for you!  It can also help to defend you against snakes, rodents, wild dogs or felines and other smaller critters like spiders or insects that happen to cross your path.  For more interesting applications for the WEED TWISTER see the Quick Tips page. 

New lineup of Weed Twister Models includes the Drill-Ready TurboTorx 36, TurboTorx 42,
      and four T-Handle Models: Terminox 36,  Ergonox 42, Agronox 48, 
and the newest and longest Graspex 60!
From 36 to 60 inches to suit Your needs!

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"The wonder tool for weeds!"™

Where the hoe's penetration ends, the WEED TWISTER's genius begins!

The Weed Puller that does most of the work by Twisting instead of Pulling, Pounding or Digging!
A good match for most any weed at home and on the farm!

Now Available - Online ONLY!

For a Greener America, Use the Ergonica WEED TWISTER - instead!

Just TWIST - no need to pound, dig, pull or push with your foot
Unique Coiled Tines efficiently penetrate the soil - deeper than any hoe
Easy reach into narrow corners or beneath shrubs
Weeds remain in the coil for easy removal
Your back and knees will love the WEED TWISTER
Even deep roots can't escape the penetrating coils
Lawns love the gentle action of the coiled tines
A precise circle hoe and a twister-digger in one tool
Light weight and built to last with no moving parts
Satisfaction guaranteed
The only weeder with the patented coiled tines
Coils also till the soil and remove new sprouts by sliding or hoeing action
Pick up leaves and other debris by hooking in coils
Reach weeds under thorny plants without hurting yourself
Protect your hands when removing oily or thorny plants
The perfect WEED EMERGENCY AID™ following  springtime rains

Got the stubborn weed blues?  Have recent rains caused a WEED EMERGENCY in your garden?  Need a tool especially designed for your weed emergency before or after the weeds go to seed?  For weeding procrastinators who wait for weeds to grow large and deep - this is your tool!  With this amazing tool, you can tackle your pesky weeds in your flowerbeds, pathways, hillsides and lawn and manage to get to bed at the end of the day without an aching back!  The Ergonica WEED TWISTER is quickly becoming the Farmer's Best Friend.

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Use it Wisely!

Weed Twister vs. Ailanthus - See enlarged image!
Weed Twister vs. Ailanthus Tree of Heaven
36"-  60" Length x  2" coil Diameter
Click for expanded image

Special Discount Offers

  Go to the WEED TWISTER site for Quick Tips on How to Best Use your WEED TWISTER

The WEED TWISTER  was created especially for the home gardener who is willing to take extra care in separating weeds from other plants, especially when they are intimately located in a flower bed or lawn.  The new 60-INCH INDUSTRIAL WEED TWISTER, with a 60-inch length, had been added as our newest solution to dealing with tough weeds and is especially adapted to agricultural applications requiring repeated use for several hours a day.  With a very precise coil width of about 2 inches, and a lengths from 36 to 60 inches from handle to tip, this heavy-duty tool is designed for penetrating lawns, flowerbeds and rows of farm crops with a minimum of collateral damage and effort.  Protect your strawberry crops, celery, lettuce and other vegetables with a very precise and efficient hoe and deep root extractor combined in one powerful tool!  No hazardous herbicides needed with this amazing tool!

The WEED TWISTER is both a versatile hoeing tool and a twisting tool, capable of twisting deeper into the soil than any hoe, and any other weed puller, as well.  Traditional hoes are good for removing new weed sprouts with roots as deep as 2 to 3 inches.  Below that depth, you need a weed puller like the WEED TWISTER so that you don't sever the roots.  Prong-type tools can also dig deep, but the prong requires much more effort than the WEED TWISTER.  For hoeing small weeds, the WEED TWISTER works much like a precise circle hoe, but even better for quickly unearthing new weed seedlings and grasses in tight spaces.  Now with sharpened tines, the hoeing motion can more efficiently scrape out weeds in any direction, including rapid sweep hoeing described in the Weed Twister Quick Tips page.  Don't confuse the Ergonica WEED TWISTER with other weed twisters or pullers.  Only the Ergonica WEED TWISTER has the patented double-coiled tines.

Use it Like a Shuffle Hoe or a Twister

The Weed Twister coils have a circular shape that when scraped along the top of the soil can fairly efficiently slip underneath small seedlings with shallow roots much like the action of a precise circle hoe or shuffle hoe. The sharpened tips of the Weed Twister coils enable it to cut into the shallow soil like the edge of the circle hoe or straight hoe. Although the Weed Twister doesn't pivot, its coil design allows the worker to push or pull in any direction, horizontally or vertically, from just about any angle, including sitting in a wheelchair. A 3-D shuffle hoe solution! More power and control when pushing and pulling is provided by the vinyl T-Handle grip of the Weed Twister compared with the plain pole of a hoe. The coil's strong 1/4-inch spring-quality wire will not fail when pushing, pulling, twisting or prying, within the capacity of human strength.

Organic farmers and gardeners will also find this tool to be an ideal solution for hand weeding vegetable crops where herbicides are not appropriate.  For agriculture applications, please see the White Paper On the Weed Twister and Other Alternatives to Precise Hand Weeding in Agricultural Applications.  The ergonomic features of light weight and efficient action make this tool especially favorable to farm labor.

On the home front and on the farm, crabgrass is especially vulnerable to the WEED TWISTER  as are other grasses and plants with extensive horizontal root networks and rhizomes, such as bermudagrass and purslane.  Even if you can't see the crabgrass roots or underground stems, chances are the WEED TWISTER will find them as you twist the coil in suspect soil.  Purslane, crabgrass, bermudagrass, field bindweed and similar species can effectively be contained in agricultural fields using the method described in the Quick Tips page of the WEED TWISTER site.  How much do you spend each season on chemical weed control products?  The WEED TWISTER will work for season after season and is therefore cheaper than risky chemicals and clearly safer for pets, kids, crops and yourself!  Be kind to the environment:  Use the WEED TWISTER instead!

Another favorite target of the WEED TWISTER is the dandelion.  Many tools will gouge large holes in your lawn when dandelions are snuggled comfortably within.  But the WEED TWISTER carefully angles beneath the turf to hook onto the roots with very little disturbance to your lawn.  Our customers report that a wide variety of lawn weeds have succumbed to the wily WEED TWISTER ways!  Larger weeds, such as the invasive Tree of Heaven (ailanthus altissima), can also be controlled by the amazing WEED TWISTER.  If attacked before it grows too tall, the Tree of Heaven is no match for this devilish weed puller!  See the Weed Twister vs. Tree of Heaven page for pictures of ailanthus plants successfully removed by this tool.

Lawn Care

The WEED TWISTER is more precise than most hoes, claws and forks and, if aimed properly at the root of a weed in your lawn, will make a small hole, about 2 inches in diameter, or the width of the root being removed.  In many cases, you can fill the small hole simply by pushing the surrounding turf into the hole with your shoe.  For larger holes, add some compost and reseed the areas that are bare.  Be sure to remove the entire root of dandelions and other perennials in order to prevent resprouting.

Using the WEED TWISTER is easy as 1-2-3.  Just point, twist and lift!   An added benefit of the double helix tines is that the removed plant usually remains in the coil after twisting and lifting.  This means that you will not have to stoop down to pick up the debris afterwards.  Just unwind the roots from the coil over your waste basket and there's no need for further cleanup!  A quick tap on a hard object or the ground will usually remove any plug of dirt that accompanies the roots.  The WEED TWISTER is also much lighter in weight than most other hand tools that include a lever or pedal to eject the weed from the device. 

You can easily switch between twisting and hoeing with the WEED TWISTER as the need arises.   The amazing double coil is also useful for picking up leaves, twigs, paper and other debris laying on the surface of the earth.  Just puncture or hook the tines around the objects on the ground.  You can also poke the WEED TWISTER under thorny plants and cacti to reach a weed without exposing your skin to painful pricks.  The new longer models of the weed twister allow you to extend your reach around, over and under large thorny plants, cacti and brambles.  This is a safe way to deal with poison oak and ivy, as well.  Take it with you on the trail to protect your path from whatever comes your way!  It makes a great walking stick, as well. See many other suggested uses for your WEED TWISTER that have been inspired by it's novel design, light weight and extended length. 

The WEED TWISTER pays for itself in less than a year when used to replace or reduce the use of costly herbicides.  Because it works both as a precise hoe and a weed puller, it's like getting two tools in one!  Some twister fans buy several tools of different sizes to share with members of the family or guests who help in the garden.  If you have a weed emergency in your garden due to recent rains, why not buy several tools and host a weed twister party of volunteers?  In addition to tea and cookies, you may even give each volunteer a WEED TWISTER as a token of appreciation for their work.  Spread the word, not the weeds, nor the herbicides, please!  If you're planning a Weed Twister Party, see the Discount Purchase page for special deals on the Weed Twister Party Pack: Buy 5 and get 1 Free!   Farmers, growers, land managers, universities with agriculture schools, and garden clubs may wish to explore this volume discount offer, as well.

If you're not ready to give up your chemical helpers completely just yet, you may decide to target one section of your garden as a "chemical free zone" to begin with, and learn to use your hands and tools as a healthy substitute for herbicides one step at a time.  If you have a large lawn, designate one half as the "toxic zone" and the other half as the "Weed Twister zone".  You may discover that the work required to twist out weeds is not beyond your reasonable capabilities, and may also be good as part of a regimen for staying fit.  See the Discount Purchase page for labels to mark plants and objects with "Herbicide Hazard" labels.  You may also get several free labels with your WEED TWISTER purchase.

Using your hands to pull out weeds is also OK until you run into stubborn weeds that don't want to give up their roots.  After all, that's the way many weeds protect themselves.  Other weeds use thorny leaves and oily surfaces to deter contact from animals including human hands.  With the WEED TWISTER you can remove these unwanted plants, as well toxic plants such as poison ivy without harming yourself.

As you work with the WEED TWISTER, you'll discover very quickly what a versatile and handy tool it is!  From tiny seedlings to average size weeds to even larger plants with roots as deep as six inches or more, you'll find the WEED TWISTER an effective solution to the problem at hand.  Although some soils, such as clay, may be difficult to work with for any type of tool, by soaking the soil with water in advance, the WEED TWISTER is usually effective in any type of soil or turf.  There's really nothing like the Ergonica WEED TWISTER on the market today, including other twisting-type tools, either online or at your local hardware store!

to download and view a printable description and images of the WEED TWISTER in PDF format.

Some folks even say the WEED TWISTER is the fun way to remove weeds!   That may be stretching it a bit, but there is definitely a benefit to your back and knees, since you will rarely have to stoop or kneel down.  You will also be spared from pounding the soil and digging large holes as with some other tools.  

When you're ready to buy your next weed pulling tool ask yourself:

  1. Can it pull out weeds, tubers and woody plants with roots as deep as 6 to 12 inches or greater?
  2. Can it twist out networked grasses, vines and prostrate stems?
  3. Can it also work like a precise hoe against new seedlings and grasses?
  4. Is it a good match against all my most troublesome weeds?
  5. Can it help to reduce my dependence on herbicides?
  6. Is it strong but light weight and easy to carry around?
  7. Does it have a long handle, as long as 60 inches?

If the answer to ALL these questions is YES, Buy It!

Need to remove weeds from a wheelchair?  The Ergonica WEED TWISTER can do it!  Very few other weed pullers that we know of can be used effectively from a wheel chair, including other weed twisters not manufactured by Ergonica or other tools that require foot pedals for leverage or activation.  See a video clip of a custom-made 60-inch Wheelchair Weed Twister wielded by a wheelchair gardener. In the video you will see Bonnie, who is a quadriplegic with minimal arm and hand strength, manipulating the Weed Twister.  We created this model for Bonnie and for others with similar physical limitations.  The newest 60-inch Weed Twister is now available for wheelchair gardeners to give you the extra reach you need to get at roots away from your position!

More Weed Twister Videos!

Need a handy place to keep your Weeding Gloves?  Stick your WEED TWISTER in a spot of dirt near your garden entrance and hang your gloves on the handle

With a little practice, due to its light weight (less than two pounds) and efficient design, you can even do the weeding or tilling job with one hand!  For a quick orientation on the best advice for removing a number of different types of weeds from small seedlings, to crabgrass and weeds with small or large taproots,  visit the Quick Tips page of the Weed Twister site.  See the Weeder Features Chart for a comparison of features for several competing weed twisters and similar products.


go to Weed Twister Quick Tips


go to Weeder Features Chart


The WEED TWISTER is patented and has unique features that other "twister" type tools don't have.  Don't be confused!  No other garden tool or weed twister is licensed to feature the patented coiled tines of the Ergonica WEED TWISTER. The WEED TWISTER is friendly to you and to the environment.  



The new 60-INCH INDUSTRIAL WEED TWISTER with a 60-inch length and increased weed size capacity can now be ordered for immediate delivery.  More precise than a conventional hoe and safer for workers and for crops, the INDUSTRIAL WEED TWISTER is quickly becoming the Farmer's Best Friend!

This model not only gives you more reach and less stress on your back with the 60-inch length, but also features a comfortable vinyl grip which is especially important for repeated use on the farm or in your garden.  The upgraded 36-inch model also features an ergonomic grip and increased steel gauge and strength.  You can order the new upgraded models today!

The INDUSTRIAL WEED TWISTER  will not only make it easier on your back and allow you to reach weeds at a greater distance, but is designed for the demands of agricultural applications, as well!  Not only is this a new favorite for organic growers and gardeners, but also is an efficient weed control alternative for growers of many crops that require hand weeding, such as celery, cabbage, lettuce, broccoli, spinach, carrots and strawberries, for example.  Ideally suited for perennial crops such as vineyards, viticulture or grape vines, as well.  For more information about  agricultural applications, please see the White Paper On the Weed Twister and Other Alternatives to Precise Hand Weeding in Agricultural Applications.

WEED TWISTER Range of Operation

The Ergonica WEED TWISTER can remove troublesome weeds that most other tools, hoes, pullers, poppers and twisters, will choke on.  Although it is slim and light weight, this is a heavy-duty industrial grade tool with a smart design that enables it to outperform most other tools weighing twice as much.  This includes removing plants with large roots with a diameter as wide as 1.5 inches.  The length of the root may extend to the entire length of the tool and shaft!  Trials against specific species have been documented such as Tree of Heaven trees with a height as much as 5 feet or more, as well as small seedlings that can be cultivated by the tool when applied like a precise hoe.  The twisting motion enables the effective removal of grassy weeds, vines and plants with prostrate roots, such as purslane, crabgrass, bermuda grass, or field bindweed, for example.  No other single tool has been demonstrated to be effective with so many different types, shapes and sizes of weeds.

Other popular tools are limited by their physical structure, such as tools with nail-like prongs with a length of 3-4 inches, for example.  These nail-prong tools may be useful for small dandelions, but cannot reach into the roots of larger weeds with roots beyond the length of their nails.  In contrast, the WEED TWISTER can twist out weeds with roots as deep as 12-24 inches or more. 

New WEED TWISTER Enhancements:
Comfortable Vinyl Grip - Increased Length
Stronger Steel Parts & Construction


Weed Twister - Now Stronger, Longer!

...Like power hand weeding with  Fingers of Steel!

Click to see larger view of Sharpened Weed Twister tines...

Sharpened tines improve Deep Penetration as well as Precise Hoeing efficiency - An unfriendly threat to any weed or underground critter...

A few testimonials:

"The kind of weeds I use it (Weed Twister) on are many different kinds.  We have clay soil in many places, which makes it difficult to get out roots that are tightly bound in the soil.  So if I tried to pull out the weeds with or without gloves on, only the top of the weed would remove.  With the tool, the whole root comes out. This helps weed abatement rather than having the roots continue to grow larger and stronger and pop out a new top sprout.   

We get crab grass, clumps of fescue grass, thorny ferns (which is nice not to have to touch them to get them out) and dandelions.  Other weeds are not identifiable, but weeds just the same.  I have tried the hula hoe, but it seemed to only get the tops of many weeds.  The weed twister also is convenient because it elevates (sic) having to bend so far or kneel to pull out the weed."
Newbury Park, California


"I've used the Weed Twister for the final two months of the dandelion season here in the Boston area. I suffer from a condition that leaves me with little energy for common activities, so it was such a pleasure to discover the Weed Twister. It only takes one easy twist to remove an entire dandelion plant, so moving over my lawn clearing it of dandelions, plantain, and other low-growing weeds is now more than just a fanciful idea.

I have recommended and bought Weed Twisters for several of my friends, who also enjoy using them."
Boston, Massachusetts


"... I got it yesterday, and have already de-dandelioned my front yard! :-) That is a really cool invention you have there.   At the same time you are weeding, you are also aireating (sic).  I was also able to havest (sic) several small tree seedlings, that were coming up in my yard, to replant in pots.

It pulls up a plug of soil with the root, (well it did for me because our soil is clayish and wet these days) so that I could just pop it into a pot."
Cincinnati, Ohio


"For most of February and early March the rains came beating down.  The garden plants drank heartily and weeds of all kinds drank greedily.  The weeds grew huge with roots 6" long and big around as a green thumb.
But alas!  The weeds were no match for my Weed Twiste

PS A really good product."
Pasadena, C

"I put the Weed Twister to work the day I received it.  I removed some 3 ft. tall weeds that were growing up against my porch - all while standing on my porch! I twisted away and removed about 20 weeds. My only problem now is that I am fresh out of weeds! I guess I'll just have to wait for the 'new crop' to come in!

Also, I am 5'-6" tall, and I am very glad that I bought the 42" Weed Twister. The smaller one would have been too small for me to use comfortably. Yet, 5'-6" would not be considered a "taller person" for a man. So, you might want to be more specific in your height/tool recommendations.

Thanks for a great product that works as described. I hope to avoid using products like Roundup, especially since I completely killed a mature shrub while using Roundup on some weeds near its trunk."

Janet E, ...
New Iberia, Louisiana

"I just bought a Bed and Breakfast in the mountains of Virginia, and never really had any experience in gardening.  My new Inn is covered in flower beds and 9 acres of grass.  We have weeds taking over and I was trying everything and every kind of tool.  When I got my first Twister last week it was amazing just how many dandelions were in our yard.  We filled a 5 gallon bucket up 3 times and still have more.  The twister makes a easy job of it and is really fun to see how much of the weed we get each time.  I showed it to my Father down in North Carolina and that is why I ordered two more, one for him and one for another friend.
Thanks for such a great product."

Dan DuRant

Mountain Song Inn
Willis, Virginia

Editor's Note:  Dan's second purchase was also an upgrade from the 36-inch model to two of  the 42-inch models.

"I got the weed twister today and I put it to work immediately. It worked as I hoped it would. I hope this will last for years. It is the only thing I have found to get rid of the tough weeds in my lawn without killing the grass or digging a hole. I will spread the word about your great product. I now have a large garbage can full of crabgrass (I think that's what it is). "

Todd M. Hall
Starkville, Mississippi

"By the way, our new Weed Twister is working great for our weed removal business!  Water soaking on some large tumble weeds, even for a few minutes since time is money, has worked for us for more efficient weed removal in desert landscapes and for preventing tool damage."
Daniel Hughes
A-Z Weed Warriors
Tucson, Arizona
Ph. (520) 807-9588

"I recently purchased a Weed Twister and have not had a chance to use it on the really tough weeds in the yard of my AZ house but today I extracted a small palm tree with it in Reseda, CA!  I am a utility pole inspector and there was a baby palm growing at the base of a pole. I used the Twister around the base at several locations to loosen the soil, aimed for a stout branch and twisted the tree right out.
Pic att.

Thanks!! "

Don Huntley

California - Arizona

Editor's note: Don should be recognized as an inventive tool-user who figured out a way to pull out a larger plant than the usual Weed Twister target!  Well done!

I got it (Weed Twister) 2 days ago...I used it  yesterday...works great!! Nice concept...wish I would've thought of it!! The design is simple and effective but you should lengthen the claws about an inch or so to get down farther in the soil. I bought the Garden Weasel first...because this isn't available in stores...that was a mistake...the claws started bending out of shape immediately, so I had to bend them back...plus it makes big 5" holes in the lawn and you have to repack the soil after use...not like your product!  I bet you've made a bundle on this huh?

Ty Edwards
Calabasas, California

Editor's note: Ty will soon learn that this tool can twist and dig deeper than 12  inches, more than any other tool of this class.  See the Deep Hole Test on the Weed Twister Quick Tips page.

The Weed Twister is a fantastic product. I also ordered the handle extension which makes it even easier to use. Friends and family looked at me skeptically when I told them about it, but they have since tried it and now agree with me that it is a great tool.

Peter Beth
De Pere, Wisconsin

After (finally) receiving the small weed twister, I am happy to say thank you for a unique product which I have used frequently. I live geographically in a very gravelly part of Wisconsin due to its glacial origins. The weed twister has proved itself as an indispensable tool for those invasive species that HAVE to be removed before they go to seed. I must admit that it is not a fast process, but I am getting more efficient and find it is worth the extra effort to remove the entire weed, to prevent re growth. I will keep it close by on my hikes and forays, and continue my never ending job of invasive species control with new confidence.

Jef Spalding
Kewaskum, Wisconsin

Wonderful product...I use it to pull up poison ivy without having to touch it. 

Sue Roellgen
Vincennes, Indiana

Editor's Note: Sue purchased the 42-inch Weed Twister.  The longer handle keeps her at a safer distance from poison ivy.


Long, winding prostrate roots and stems are no problem, nor are roots with different shapes, rhizomes or tubers, as long as the central root stem can fit within the coil of the tool.  Long single-prong tools are also capable of digging deeply into the soil, but these tools do not feature the advantage of a coiled fork that can penetrate the soil more efficiently and can grab the roots of weeds that a single prong will often miss.  The Quick Tips page describes the WEED TWISTER capabilities in more detail, including its use as a precise hoe, weeding in containers, against landscape objects and to gouge out weeds in narrow cracks and crevices.  The versatility of this tool is unprecedented!

Order your Weed Twister Today!

No risk - 30 day trial!  Sound too good to be true?  Save the shipping box and return the WEED TWISTER to Ergonica in the box within 30 days with a copy of your original order or receipt and we will provide a full refund of the purchase price, no questions asked.  More likely, you will be motivated to extol the virtues of the WEED TWISTER to your friends and neighbors.  If they are not connected, do them a favor and print out extra copies of this page for them.  

Either way, if you have any questions about this product, or any Ergonica product, please let us know.  We are also curious about your discoveries of new ways to use the Ergonica WEED TWISTER.  Since this is a new product, your testimonials would be greatly appreciated!  Contact Ergonica to let us know your comments or questions.  See the Purchase Discount page for various discount offers.

Still Undecided About the Ergonica Weed Twister?

Several independent authors and gardening experts, as listed below, have mentioned the Weed Twister as a Weapon of the Weed War or Important Outdoor Supply item.  You can always ask a gardening expert that you know and respect for his or her opinion.  You can also request advice from various online groups or blogs, but make sure the person making comments has actually used one of the newer models of this tool. 

Because the Weed Twister is not distributed in retail stores, you may be the first person on your block to get really serious about doing your homework and buy a unique tool, such as this tool or some of the others listed in the Garden Tools page, that will become a new curiosity in your circle of friends and neighbors. 

n comparison with other long-handled tools and hoes, you will discover that the Weed Twister is lighter and more ergonomically friendly than most other tools of the same length.  Because of its unique design, it also disturbs less soil than hoes and other pullers, tillers and claws, even when going deep,  which reduces the promotion of latent weed seeds in the soil!  Since no other hand tool can remove deep roots as effectively and efficiently as the Weed Twister, we believe the Weed Twister is an essential tool for every garden and farm!  Please see what other publishers and experts say:

Comfortable Vinyl Grip

Stronger, Thicker Steel Shaft and Coils

Weed Twister coils - stronger, sharper

Weed Twister Coils - Larger Image
Now Stronger and Sharper!



PRODUCT: Weed Twister by Ergonica
PRICE: $19.95 at www.ergonica.com
HOW IT WORKS: Twist a three-foot yellow pole with a coiled, cyclone-shaped head into the earth around dandelion. Pull straight up, and the weed pops out, root and all.
WEED COUNT: 6 to 7 per minute.
PERFORMANCE: Leaves large holes in ground and you must bend over to remove weed. Still, it worked fast, was portable, and ultimately was the tool I grabbed to finish up my yard when testing was done.
Time for Backyard Warfare, Gwendolyn Bounds, Wall Street Journal, May 20, 2006
Alternative Weed and Pest Control: For years, now we have heard about the negative impact of Pesticides on the environment. The professional users of pesticides are responsible applicators using them in a safe and appropriate manner. It has been the non-professional users who have gotten us in trouble...There are a lot of alternatives available, for example you can use a Dandelion Popper, Weed Twister, Ergo Weeder, Garden Hoe, Scuffle Hoe, Circle Hoe or Deck Flosser. Bruce Zimmerman brucezimmerman.com

Looking for the ultimate tool for digging up bulbous weeds like wild garlic and taproot weeds?  I'm looking for the ultimate tool for digging up bulbous weeds like wild garlic and taproot weeds. So far the asparagus knife (shaped like a straightened snake tongue attached to a handle) seems to work the best but this is very time consuming and requires a "pry angle" that requires space I do not always have... and the weed twister is a good idea. Yahoo! Answers: Best Answer - Chosen By Voters March, 2007

Weed Twister Japan Distributor in Japanese Language

It was easy to get used to just placing the weed puller over the weed and twisting, not pushing down on the handle. The tricky part was the direction to keep the plant in the puller. Tapping the weed out was also simple. My husband loved not having to bend under the trees to get the sucker shoots.

Weed Puller Twister Remover Ergonica Ergonox 42 - Back saver weed puller, Amazon.com May 17, 2010

I must use a mobility scooter to work outside in my garden, due to a walking disability. This tool allows me to weed from a chair. I do not need to step on it like some similar tools but can weed just using my arms, and from a distance of 3 feet. This has allowed me to continue to maintain my yard and dig in the dirt.

Weed Puller Twister Remover Ergonica Ergonox 42 - Best tool ever, Amazon.com July 17, 2012

THIS IS THE WEED PULLER YOU HAVE BEEN SEARCHING FOR!! Does NOT Break and really does EXACTLY as stated on description. Simply an amazing item - other weed pullers/tools do NOT compare! No joke (and -no- I do not work for the company). Since I got this tool I've been actually enjoying pulling weeds(kind of nuts). Also- EXCELLENT customer service.

Weed Twister Puller Remover Ergonica Agronox 48 - Amazon.com A++++ Weed Puller/Tool, September 5, 2015

Love it! I have a bad back and can't bend over pulling weeds like I used to. I was missing my old twist weed puller (lost in a move) and my back finally convinced me to go searching for a new one. This was recommended on another website and am I glad it was. Super easy to remove weeds or even break up soil in between plants. Once I tried it I went around finding things to do I was so impressed. :)

Weed Twister Puller Remover Ergonica Agronox 48 - Amazon.com Happy Back, June 17, 2016

My husband loves this product. He is 76 and has a hard time to bend over due to arthritis and this tool is perfect and he can still do the weeding.

Weed Twister Puller Remover Ergonica Graspex 60 - Amazon.com November 5, 2016

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